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Eyelash Enhancement




This 1 hour service helps lift naturally limp lashes up to make them more pronounced. The lash lift typically lasts from 6-8 weeks making this ideal for our clients who prefer a low maintenance enhancement. Clients with light colored eyelashes usually couple this service with a lash tint. The Keratin Lash Infusion Lift is not your ordinary lash lift; it has the power of keratin, biotin, and deeply nourishing growth factor agents. Unlike other lash lift products, Keratin Lash Enhancement is infused with keratin which strengthens and volumizes lashes with NO damage.  Free from thioglycate, paraben and ammonia, this is a natural based system


$100 lash lift 

$125 lash lift with tint

$215 lash lift and brow lamination combo


Lash tint: Darkens the lashes to enhance the shape and color of the eye.  This service typically lasts 3-4 weeks, and takes 20 minutes to complete.


$25 15 minute appointment

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