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Permanent Makeup 

Online and in studio consultations are available for these services.

If you have existing permanent make up done by another artist, please submit pictures of the area prior to booking an appointment. All pictures can be sent to


Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that creates hair like strokes to enhance the eyebrow.  The area is numbed topically before the procedure, and adequate time is spent drawing out the shape, and perfecting symmetry.  It is slightly uncomfortable to some, but we numb throughout treatment to manage discomfort. The service needs to be touched up on a yearly basis. There is a five-day healing process after treatment. During this time you must keep the brow area dry from water, and moist with a healing balm. You cannot work out for 48 hours post treatment, and you must stay out of the sun. This lasts 12-18 months.


$700 senior artist 

$500 junior artist

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Lip blush is a soft wash of color that enhances the natural shape and color of the lips.  This service is also great for restoring the borders of the lips that sometimes fade as we age.  It is always recommended to take anti viral medication prior to a lip enhancement appointment.*


$650 2 hour appointment
*lip filler must be done 6 weeks prior to lip blush appointment

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Ombre powder brow is a shaded technique that heals to look like the brow has been enhanced softly with powder. We create a gradient affect where the base and tail of the brow is darkest to create the illusion of hair density, then fades gradually towards the top and front of the brow. This lasts 1-2 years.


$700 2 hour initial appointment

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EYEBROW COLOR BOOST (for existing clients only)

This is a touch up for existing clients that need to refresh their microblading and/or shading. This appointment is recommended every 10-24 months. We encourage you to let your brows fade in-between appointments.


$250 45 minute appointment

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Eyelash enhancement eyeliner is a very thin line along the upper and/or lower lash line that gives the illusion of thicker and more dense eyelashes. This contrast helps make the eye stand out.


$350 Upper

$250 Lower

$500 Both
1+ hour initial appointment

*Please suspend use of lash growth serums for 2 weeks before and after your appointment

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  • What is Permanent Makeup?

    • Permanent makeup is a form of tattoo that is designed to intensify the facial features. This service deposits pigment into the superficial layers of the dermis to create a smudge proof beauty enhancement.  The ares that we work on are the eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips.  

  • Does the service hurt?

    • The service can be uncomfortable for some, but most find it to be very tolerable.  We use two types of lidocaine throughout the appointment.  First we numb the area topically, then we numb again throughout the service to manage discomfort. 

  • How often does my permanent makeup need to be retouched?

    • On average you will need a touch up yearly, but there are a lot of variables that influence the frequency of touch ups.  Some circumstances such as age, skin type, and genetics are out of our control.  Other factors, such as sun exposure, and exfoliation are things that we can be careful of.  These are all factors that can affect how long, and how well the skin retains the pigment. We strongly encourage clients to wait at least 6 months in between touch ups to maintain the efficacy of the skin.

  • How do we choose a pigment color?

    • To choose the best pigment color we consider the brow hair color, and also the base color of the head hair.  We need to choose a pigment color that is at least 2 shades darker, and warmer then the natural hair color.  This is because the pigment will heal lighter, and cooler when it is fully healed and settled into the skin.  

  • What is a touch-up appointment?

    • A complimentary appointment that is included with each permanent make up service 6 weeks after initial appointment.

  • What is a color boost?​

    • ​Required maintenance for any permanent make up service - usually necessary between 10 months and 2 years.


  • Resist grooming brows for as long as possible prior to your eyebrow appointment so that we are able to accurately assess the eyebrow shape

  • Do not get any neurotoxin injectables in the top half of the face for 2 weeks prior to appointment

  • Do not use retinol, or receive chemical peels in the top half of your face for 2 weeks prior to appointment.  

  • For eyeliner: do not use eyelash growth serum for 2 weeks prior to eyeliner appointment, top or bottom

  • For lip blush treatment: it is recommended to use an antiviral medication prior to appointment even if you have never had a herpes reaction before 

  • Be mindful of caffeine and alcohol consumption for 24 hours prior to all permanent make up (PMU) appointment because it can thin the blood, and affect pigment retention 

  • Be mindful of consumption of fish oil, and Vitamin E consumption 7 days prior to all PMU appointment because it can thin the blood, and affect pigment retention 


  • Keep the area clean by cleansing with antibacterial soap, making sure to pat the area dry with a paper product that absorbs excess moisture 

  • Avoid high intensity workouts for 7 days after procedure

  • Apply recommended aftercare ointment twice a day to dry skin for 7 days after procedure.  A small amount of product is all that's necessary to keep the area slightly moist, but still able to breathe

  • Avoid picking or touching the area in general during the healing process

  • Do not apply makeup, sunscreen, or active skin care in the area for 10 days post procedure

  • Keep the area out of the sun for 10 days

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